You Take my Breath Away
Hey! My name's Dany, I'm 25 year old teacher who loves her students even tho they don't love her back.
Darren Criss and Chris Colfer lover, loving Klaine with all my heart and soul.
Enjoying Glee even tho it hurts
Fanfiction junkie, Doctor Who watcher and New York Yankees fan.
I love my friends with all i have.
And this is my blog

Enjoy (:
and for my beautiful sidebar
Thanks to Jo

JustAnotherAviciiBlog - HellYeahJulianCasablancas

The Kurt to my Blaine (:
The Pink Glasses to my Darren (:
The Rachel Berry to my Kurt Hummel (:
Me getting into Blaine mode.  Wish it actually took this long. 
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